Get Cheaper Auto Insurance Premiums

It seems the cost of automobile insurance is rising each year. With wages in the U.S. stagnant, many people struggle to fit auto coverage into their budget. Some of the price hikes can be attributed to inflation. Other things like rising accident rates due to distracted driving and increasing “bad driving” behavior has also sent premiums higher. The great news is we do not have to sit back and be forced to pay ever increasing ins prices. With a bit of research and using effective strategies that work, anyone can get cheaper auto insurance premiums online.

There are many things you can do to lower your rates. Let’s take a closer look at five ways you can get good covered for less. The main trend in all of the advice is reducing the risk that the insurers incur. The less risky you are to an auto insurance company, the lower you are going to pay, it is just that simple. Make yourself a good bet that you will not get into an accident and you can get covered for 40% to 50% less. Save more on car insurance with go to go insurance on-line. Get a customized quote in five minutes or less.

  1. Buy Limited Coverage

Purchasing excessive vehicle ins can push your premiums way up. If you have an old automobile, you might not need comprehensive or collision insurance. Why might you ask? It comes down to dollars and cents. If your car is only worth $3,000 and is depreciating month after month, why pay an extra $500 a year or more for expanded coverage? After several years, the amount you will pay to the insurer will be more than the value of the automobile. So for old and cheap cars, carefully think about adding on comprehensive. You probably don’t need it. If you already have it, you can cancel it easily and bring your cost down. For all your auto ins needs, let good to go insurance help you with a quick on-line quote.

2.) Get Higher Deductibles
One of the simplest ways to get a better rate on the insurance plan you need is to raise your deductible. This is predicated on your ability to set-aside the amount, in the event you get into a crash and need to file a claim. For people that have the money saved, aim for a deductible of $1,000 or even more. This can push your rates down 10% and even 15%. Remember, your policy will stay the same, but you will pay less. If you cannot afford $1,000, lower it to $750, and you can still save about 8% or perhaps more.

3.) Pay your Annual Bill Upfront
Paying your auto ins bill will do 2 things. The first thing is it will save you about 3%, just for paying something you already owe. The second thing it will do is make your life less complicated and stressful. Auto insurers invest the premiums they get. When you pay your total policy amount in full, this allows the providers to spend more money and consequently, offer you a small discount. If you cannot afford to make a complete annual payment, pay 6 months in advance, and you can still lock in savings.

4.) Drive Less and get a Low Mileage Discount
If you can lower your monthly mileage to less than 1,000 miles, you can qualify for what’s known as a low mileage insurance discount. This can save you 10% and sometimes a bit more. This will also save you money on gas and parking fees. Insurers know that the less you are on the roads and highways, the less likely you are to get into a crash. This is why they offer this specific discount. Remember, always be truthful and give the actual miles you drive each month when applying for insurance.

5.) Shop for Cheaper Auto Insurance Online
For consumers who want to save the most, get online and shop for direct auto insurance pricing. At sites like good to go insurance, most people can easily save 40% and get excellent coverage. The prices are usually better on the web because insurers bypass expensive agents and brokers. With direct rates, the on-line customer wins with lowered rates.

With these simple yet effective five tips, you can quickly get cheaper auto insurance premiums and save more with go to go insurance. Start your quote today and see the real savings for yourself.