Uninsured Motorists Coverage Online

Auto Insurance rates have steadily increased over the past several years. This is due to many factors, like distracted driving accidents and costly medical injury costs. One often overlooked reason why premiums are on the upswing, is drivers that are not insured flooding the roadways. In fact, more than 12% of drivers in the U.S. carry no automobile coverage. This can be attributed to many things like economic difficulties, illegal immigrants and the cost of coverage just being out of reach for many people. This trend seems to be increasing. If you drive, you should consider protecting yourself with uninsured motorists coverage online as soon as possible. Get covered in just a few minutes with a free quote from good to go insurance today.

Buying car insurance is not only smart; it is the law. Each state sets forth limits on minimum liability ins requirements, and motorists must comply. Failing to do so can come with serious consequences. Claims from drivers who do not carry insurance amount to nearly $3 billion annually. When a person that operates an automobile gets into an accident without ins, severe financial harm often takes place.

This can lead to bankruptcy and even wage garnishing for years to come
This does not even mention the possibility of having your vehicle towed away and losing your license, all for not being covered. Auto insurance does not have to be super costly. A state minimum policy can be bought from good to go auto insurance for as little as $29 a month. That is a price that can fit the tightest budget. Get quoted now and get your ride insured for less.

Police are Cracking down on Uninsured Drivers

With the problem growing, police departments are putting more resources into stopping this bad practice. They require each motorist at every vehicle stop, for whatever reason, to provide proof of insurance. If the drivers do not have valid, up to date ins, the car can be impounded, fines up to $1,000 imposed and a judge may suspend the person’s license. Some judges are more lenient if someone’s insurance was recently canceled due to financial difficulties. A week grace period may be allowed to get covered. On the other hand, repeat offenders may have their license suspended for more than a year and fined thousands. In California, which has the most automobiles on the road of any state, fine go up to $1,300 for repeat offenders and driving suspension for up to 4 years. After that, violators will be required to carry a SR-22 to legally drive in the state. With these tough new penalties, it just doesn’t make sense to drive without a legal ins policy.

While it is impossible to end non-insured driving, police across the U.S. hope to make a big dent in the problem. In some states, officers have a database that shows drivers who have been busted before for operating uninsured. One tactic some agencies use is to set up traffic checkpoints to not only stop DUI offenders but to check for uninsured drivers. These checkpoints can catch dozens of violators in a single night. While this is only making a small dent in the problem, it does help repeat offenders who learn their lesson the hard way. Once a driver watches their car get towed away and pays a hefty fine, they are likely to not drive without the proper insurance requirements again.

There are also states the mandate all licensed insurance carriers to share the data of active policyholders, including license tags. This makes it easier for law enforcement officials to catch drivers who are uninsured and cuts down on fraud.

New Insurance Laws are preventing Excessive Lawsuits

In an effort to cut down on large lawsuit payouts that needlessly hurt law abiding drivers, some states have taken strong legal action. One such move is called “no play – no play.” This law limits the amount a non-insured driver can sue for in court when they take action against a legal driver who has auto insurance. In the past, insured drivers and their insurers have had to payout huge sums to drivers who carry no coverage at all.

Other improvements have come through technology
One advancement is automatic license plate recognition or ALPR. These cameras scan drivers license plates and quickly check to see if the driver is insured. The ALPR technology is helping police find uninsured drivers more quickly and is a great deterrent for drivers trying to get away with breaking the law.

Get Uninsured Motorists Coverage Online for Less

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